Dan Moga
Photographer, Storyteller

Dan Moga was born in Aiud, Romania, in 1993, where he spent his childhood. He discovered his passion for photography after high school when he gave up his professional soccer career. His interest in Art, Photography and Writing matured him into a path to photographic art. Focusing more on practice than on theory, Dan attributed photography education to daily photography walks, analysing the photographs of history masters and photography group activities with friends. The photographic adventure started from the surprise of the vulnerable moments between friends with a mobile phone and an analog camera from the grandparents’ old boxes. His projects opened the door to manual work in photography and alternative methods of presenting photographic projects. While developing his work, Dan published different Folios and has been published in several analog and digital magazines, fashion, storytelling, documentary and subjective reportage.
Dan now lives in Cluj Napoca, Romania and develops his photographic activity inspired by vulnerable moments in the Romanian space, simple life, and different perspectives of everyday life.
The time left and the small towns and surroundings, encourage him to follow his passion and attraction for photography.





+40 748 492 775