The only thing “going with the flow” are dead fish.


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Romanian contemporary photographer, visual artist and writer.

“Romanian place, simple life, different perspectives of everyday life, lead me to my biggest artistic breakthrough, projects achieved by shooting and printing images and presenting them in  interactive ways.
I am happy to know that this passion, language, will stay with me forever because I don’t make my photos like photos, I make them like nature. The result is always a photo just the same, but it will be a new photo.”


Location: Cluj Napoca



Ground Acting Round

Vama Seaca is a village in Alba County, Romania. Common, small, at first glance it’s no different from other villages in the country. Yet, it has an interesting feature: it's the only village in Romania stretched on a single street road. The people from Vama Seaca love football. For them this game is a natural expression of how life takes place in that space. Here in the village you have no place to turn, no left - no right or get hidden. People's lives are open, at sight; the news arrive fast and the show is intense and gathers everyone.

It's been more than a year since I spend my Sundays as a player and photographer for team Vama.
This project is about the people behind the scene who make the matches happen. They bring the people together and make the emotions flow.
It's about the people who in their small universe are capable of great efforts and who in their big world of football are happy to be small.

In a community like this, perhaps, these are the most important actors: people who gather the people.